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Frequently Asked Questions – Fees

Dr Bhandari is a ‘no gap’ provider

Dr Bhandari consults and operates in both the public and private sectors. It is important that you understand what, if any, financial obligations you may incur before you have any treatment. Dr Bhandari operates on public/uninsured patients at Fiona Stanley Hospital and on private/insured patients at SJOG Murdoch, SJOG Subiaco and Hollywood Private hospitals.



Dr Bhandari consults at his private rooms at Murdoch Medical Clinic 1st Floor, Suite 26, 100 Murdoch Drive, Murdoch, WA 6150. His fees for the initial, post-operative and follow-up consultations can be obtained by ringing our rooms at Murdoch Medical Clinic. Any person can be treated as a private patient. Private patients can be either insured or uninsured.

Insured patients

Insured patients.

With few exceptions Mr Bhandari is a ‘no gap’ provider. Ask reception when making appointment.

The gap

The gap.

This is the difference between what the doctor charges, and what is covered by the Health Funds or Medicare. A brief outline of the gap is provided below. If you require more detailed information you should consult the websites of the Australian Medical Associationof the Federal Department of Health and Ageing.



In almost all cases you will be charged the benefit set by your Health Fund. You will then have ‘no gap’ for the surgical fee. In two instances my fee may be greater than the benefit set by your Health Fund. In both instances you will have to pay a ‘known gap’. These instances are (i) a small number of specialised or complex operations and (ii) if your Health Fund is one of those with a low benefit scale. In these cases our fee will usually be the benefit paid by Medibank Private, Australia’s largest Health Fund. You will be given a quote that will include the required item number(s) and the fee. You should then contact your Health Fund directly to determine the estimated ‘known gap’ for your surgical fee. In some cases emergency surgery may incur a small gap.



We do not know what they will charge you. Many patients only meet their anaesthetist on the day of surgery. This is not a good time to discuss their fee, especially if there is a gap and they have to provide you with written informed financial consent (as required by law). Your anaesthetist will be known well in advance. Our secretaries can give you the anaesthetist’s contact details, the estimated duration of the operation and the item number(s). We encourage you to discuss their likely fee with them prior to your surgery.



The extent of your hospital cover will be determined by your policy. Patients and Health Funds agree numerous variations to many different policy types. We cannot advise you on whether you will have a ‘hospital gap’. Our secretaries can give you the required item number(s) and you should contact your Health Fund directly.

Other providers

Other providers.

These providers may include a physician, radiologist, intensivist, pathologist and ancillary services such as physiotherapists, pharmacy etc. It is often not possible to anticipate which, if any, of these providers you may require, nor the fees that may be charged.



It is important to recognise any quotes can only be estimate. The operation may be less or more complex than anticipated. You may then be due a refund, or will have an additional amount to pay.

Your responsibility

Your responsibility.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have a clear understanding of the financial implications of your operation prior to your surgery. If you wish to clarify any financial aspect of your proposed treatment please contact our secretaries, or make a further appointment to see us.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation.

All workers compensation patients must provide:
-A copy of the referral from a GP or Specialist before any appointments can be confirmed
-A written authorisation from your workers compensation company approving a consult with Mr Mayank Bhandari.

All workers compensation clients are responsible for obtaining the above documentation prior to booking an appointment. Clients without the appropriate approval will be charged for your consultation. Please note that a different fee schedule applies to workers compensation cases as these fees capture the provision of formal reports to the insurer and other obligations.